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Tejas Immigration and Placement Services

Migrating to foreign shores for study, work, leisure or business can be a harried experience if you don’t know the eligibility criteria, how to apply for a visa and get the necessary documents ready to support your credentials, among others. But with our experts ready to help you through every step, you can now rest easy and focus on more essential things while we help you sail through the procedures. Get all the help and support you need for higher studies and research in a foreign land and guidance for migration aboard to meet you aspiration.

WHY Choose US?

TIPS International is founded by a group of educationists who’ve come from every walk of life to help aspiring individuals, who want to study or work abroad.

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TIPS visa services include complete solutions for both permanent and temporary visas, giving you the confidence to successfully achieve your personal migration goal.

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TIPS can help you find the best course for your needs, submit your university application, guide you through the visa requirements.

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English Exam Preparation

At Tejas, we offer you adequate advice and guidance in your GRE, TOEFL and IELTS preparation.

English is spoken only as a second language in India and therefore (India, mainly being a non – English speaking Country) every individual may be at a different level as far as the knowledge of English as a language of communication is concerned. Our experts at TIPS concentrate on offering customized English language training for almost all the English tests you need to qualify before applying for an admission or a Visa in any of the English speaking countries.


The term GRE refers to ‘Graduate Record Examinations’. It is a standardized aptitude test with a pre-defined syllabus.

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TOEFL stands for ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’ which measures a student’s proficiency in English.

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IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is the most popular English language ability test for work and study.

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At Tejas, we sincerely believe learning to be a lifelong process. So, we aim to facilitate education of anyone and everyone. With our right to set up study centers across the length and breadth of India, we aim to spread the light of education among everyone – be it someone who wishes to earn a diploma in IT to someone planning to further his/her knowledge in the management or administration domain.

The Online Diplomas on offer at TIPS are


The moment you land in an alien country you do feel safe and welcomed when you see a smiling face at the airport, who has come just to receive you in person. We, with the help of our partners in various countries would be able to help you in this regard. Believe me, it can be a great comforting experience to have someone help you to settle in a country about which all you know is through books and internet. If you require we can get someone to help you get familiar with the day to day needs in the country you have landed to study or work by providing information and directions about how and where to get maybe, driving license, bank accounts etc. which are the basic things required for a comfortable stay.

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